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2024AgTech Malaysia International Agricultural Show Aquaculture area


2024AgTech Malaysia International Agricultural Show Aquaculture area

Date: May 17-19,2024     Venue: IDCC Exhibition Center, Selangor

一. organization structure

Sponsor: AG Exhibition Sdn Bhd 

China host: Guangzhou Global Boyi Exhibition Co., Ltd

二. Exhibition introduction

Aquaculture has grown rapidly since its rise in Malaysia in the 1920s and has become a development of today, using brackish aquaculture, freshwater ponds and mariculture, including shellfish, freshwater fish and seawater fish, to improve local production to ensure food security and increase export revenues. The average annual growth rate of aquaculture in Malaysia is 8.7%. Aquaculture industry has become the main source of food in Malaysia. The total output in the first 2010 was 373,156 metric tons, with the total amount of 600 million RM, an increase of 26.7% over 2009. In the government's economic transformation plan, seaweed farming and integrated cage breeding (Intergrated Cage Aquaculture) are mainly dominated by the private sector. It is identified that Maroro, Malacca, Dongba, Fuluru, Langkawi and Diao Island in the south of many domestic sea areas, which is estimated to produce 10,000 metric tons by 2020, with a total value of 150 million RM in 2020. The total area of breeding is 198.8 hectares, and there are three kinds of fish with good export potential, namely Shipan fish, sharp kiss perch and African fish.

the exhibition. A number of on-site activities were held to promote industry exchanges and industrial upgrading, industry trend research association, important topics of breeding industry, including the issue of technology to improve feed efficiency, the reduction of the use of antibiotics, and the presentation of new products and technologies of professional research institutes. Exhibitors will publish the latest fishery technology and products, and the seller will meet, and arrange one-to-one negotiation with the buyer.

三. Scope of exhibits

1, aquaculture equipment:all kinds of aquaculture equipment and instruments, all kinds of aquaculture cages, breeding and fishing nets, breeding special pump, breeding aerator, feeding machine, fish pond dredging machine, feed processing equipment, fish disease diagnosis equipment, remote diagnosis equipment, rapid quality detector, recreational fishery equipment, etc.;

2, breeding supplies: high-quality seedlings, aquatic feed, fish medicine, water quality modifier, substrate modifier; 

3, aquatic feed and drugs: all kinds of aquatic feed and additives, disease control supplies and technology, fishing medicine, feed machinery and equipment, etc.;

 4. Breeding technology: new breeding technology, factory breeding, new breeding mode, quality testing technology, water quality testing technology, technology patent transfer, etc.; 

5, characteristic breeding: turtle, turtle, pearl, giant salamander, crocodile and so on.

四. At the same time activities

From May 5 to 7,2023,90 agricultural lectures were full of capacity. Farmers also wanted to communicate and share with experts in various fields, and set a Malaysian record! 

From May 17 to 19,2024, we will challenge the new difficulties again, uninterrupted 90 agricultural lectures in 3 days, in addition to popularizing the latest technology and improving the exposure opportunity of exhibitors and close communication with practitioners and farmers!

五、Exhibit cost

Standard booth:16,800 yuan / 9 square meters

remarks:13 Amps / 230 V-Power supply, carpet, display board, 2 lamps, 2 chairs, 1 information desk, lintel board and waste paper basket

Indoor light ground:The Open lot is 1,680 yuan / square meter

remarks:Excluding any facilities, exhibitors need to design, decoration; 36 square meters to order

Comprehensive service fee:RMB 2,500 yuan / enterprise

六. Covering buyers / audiences

1. Invite the Ministry (department) of Fisheries, fishery association and aquaculture companies to attend the conference.

 2. Invite competent government departments, fishery companies, aquaculture farms, scientific research institutions, trading companies, agents and distributors across the country 

3. Invite professional dealers to attend the conference in the major aquaculture producing areas across the country.

 七、Contact information

Guangzhou Global Boyi Exhibition Co., LTD 

Address: Room 3308-3309, Building E, Poly World Trade Center, No.1022, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City 

Contact person: Peng Ying 

Mobile phone: 15018717199 

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