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Domestic exhibition

Preview of China's famous Exhibition plan for 2023-2024 Global Boyi

International exhibition

Preview of the 2023-2024 World Famous Exhibition plan of Global Boyi


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  • 11.10 MORE>

    2024AgTech Malaysia International Agricultural Show Aquaculture area

  • 05.29 MORE>

    The high quality Development Conference of Macrobrachium rosenbergii industry was held! "The hometown of China's Macrobrachium Rosenbergii" polish the sign!

  • 05.29 MORE>

    One hundred national Rawns buyers into Zhaoqing! In-depth inspection of macrobrachium rosenbergii aquaculture industry!

  • 04.26 MORE>

    China (Zhaoqing) Macrobrachium Rosenbergii Industry High-quality Development Conference will be held soon, improve the whole industrial chain, help hundreds of millions of projects!

  • 05.29 MORE>

    "Number" said ocean "wisdom" Hui Ranch - Guangzhou (Haizhu) Modern Ocean Ranch Science and Technology Ecological Partnership Conference was successfully held!

  • 04.17 MORE>

    Farming sea husbandry and fishing,

  • 04.17 MORE>

    Swim to a new height of ten billion industry!

  • 04.02 MORE>

    To promote the high-quality development of Guangdong cold storage industry, the organizing committee of Guangzhou International Fishing Fair and Guangzhou International Cold Chain Exhibition went to Tianzhuang Cold chain Logistics Park for exchange and le

  • 04.02 MORE>

    Guangzhou International Fishing Fair Organizing Committee warmly congratulating friendly partner Guangzhou Seafood dried Fruit Industry Chamber of Commerce 19th anniversary celebration party a complete success!

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