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2024 Indonesia Transport logistics equipment Technology Exhibition


Exhibition introduction

Indonesia International Transport Logistics Exhibition is the largest professional exhibition in Indonesia, focusing on warehousing, logistics and supply chain. The exhibition is held every year, and this year is the fifth. The exhibition held at the same time of Indonesia International Forklift, equipment and accessories exhibition (referred to as "Indonesia Forklift Exhibition"), is the only international exhibition in Indonesia and Southeast Asia market focusing on forklift and accessories market, the two major theme exhibitions jointly presented the entire logistics value chain, attracting many professional visitors and potential customers for the exhibition. This exhibition showcases the leading products and technologies of warehousing, material handling equipment and automation systems to help the industry handle and optimize the supply, production and transportation processes of enterprises. The exhibition aims to provide these professionals with relevant information and effective lead information to help them drive their business development.

Exhibition scale

The exhibition held in 2023 has an exhibition area of 8,000 square meters, attracting more than 150 exhibitors and more than 10,000 traders and professionals from Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Vietnam and other countries. Showcases include forklifts, complete logistics systems, racks and storage systems, cranes and lifting equipment, channel platforms, automatic identification systems, robotic logistics solutions and packaging technology, as well as logistics services such as freight forwarding, handling operations, transportation infrastructure, vehicles and CEP services. The exhibition audience covers the whole Southeast Asia region.

Government support

Indonesia's major business and government organizations - the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the Indonesian Employers' Association (APINDO), as well as the European Material Handling Association (FEM) and the German Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Federation (VDMA) - will provide strong support for the Indonesia International Logistics Exhibition.

Market profile

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands, where ports and airports are very important infrastructure. Indonesia has 25 core ports,111 commercial ports, 614 non-commercial ports, airports consisting of 27 international terminals and more than 100 domestic terminals. The development of Indonesia, which is made up of numerous islands and 33 provinces, is imperative, and the development of an international supply chain with ASEAN's regionally integrated and competitive nature is imperative. Indonesia's geographical environment and the distribution of industrial resources pose a major challenge for efficient and low-cost logistics. The logistics industry plays an extremely important role in the national economic development. The Indonesian government has released a blueprint for the development of the national logistics system through government regulation to support the implementation of the master plan for accelerating and expanding Indonesia's economic development.

With rapid economic growth, Indonesia has become one of the most attractive investment and trade regions in Southeast Asia. The implementation of the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity and the concept of "ASEAN Big Market" implemented simultaneously in many ASEAN countries has created conditions for the rapid development of the local logistics and transportation industry in Indonesia. In recent years, the total value of the logistics industry in the Asia-Pacific region has reached 2.8 billion US dollars, of which Indonesia is listed as one of the fastest growing regions in the logistics industry. It is estimated that in the next few years, the total value of logistics production in the Central Asia Pacific region will exceed 4 billion US dollars, and its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will exceed 8-9%. At the same time, the Indonesian government is operating the "Indonesian Economic Acceleration and Expansion Master Blueprint" plan, which aims to promote Indonesia's rapid economic development, strive to make Indonesia among the world's top ten economies, and create the best ASEAN logistics exhibition.

Range of exhibits

► Transport and logistics systems: sea, air, rail and road, Courier, express and Courier, logistics operators and platforms, international transport, ports and shipping companies, cargo terminals, ports and cargo terminals.

► Warehousing, equipment and material handling: forklifts and lifting rods, transport components, equipment and fumigation warehouses, pallet rakes, containers, receivers, packaging, vans, freight equipment, warehouses - stock and parts parts

ICT solutions: Communication technology for logistics, data processing systems, identification systems, coding, labelling, e-commerce and e-commerce systems, transport control and data processing equipment, positioning and navigation systems, integrated traffic management systems, software development and production, navigation and monitoring systems, GPS tracking systems

Associated Services: freight forwarding, warehousing, custom services, temporary storage warehouse operators, financial services (leasing, insurance, investment), inventory management